January 21, 2011

Defendant’s lover: Yazeed Essa was needy

Posted: 10:42 AM ET

Cleveland, OH- Prosecutors in the case against Dr. Yazeed Essa say the defendant killed his wife so that he could be with his lover, Michelle Madeline Stephens.

Madeline was a nurse at Akron General Hospital where Dr. Essa worked as an Emergency Room physician. They knew one another and had worked together for several years, but it wasn’t until October 2004 that their flirtation became a full blown affair, that included a weekend getaway to New York City and a standing Wednesday night date.

Madeline said she was torn about being involved with a married man. She said she knew it was wrong, but that she had fallen in love and believed Essa felt the same way about her. She thought Essa was in a loveless marriage. He told her his wife was cold, evidenced by his nickname for Rosie, “Amana, like the refrigerator,” Madeline testified.

Over their courtship, Essa sent Madeline dozens of roses and love notes, including one he signed, “I will forever love only you….”

But there was one note that was particularly significant to investigators. The note, along with a sexy camisole set, arrived at Madeline’s home on February 7, 2005, just weeks before Rosemarie’s death.

Essa’s note read: “Happy Valentine’s Day Habeebtu! I can’t wait to see you in this (I have my own selfish reasons for getting you this gift!) Next Valentine’s Day will all be ours…I love you all my being…Yaz.”

Essa cheated on his wife with other women too, but prosecutors say Madeline was special to Essa.

He called her the day that his wife died.

“He called my cell phone and was incomprehensibly yelling, screaming and I couldn’t understand him,” Madeline said. “He called me back and was screaming ‘Rosie’s dead.’”

Madeline couldn’t believe it. Over the next few days she described Essa as “needy.” She said he wanted her to be with him constantly. The brunette kept a journal in the days following Rosie’s death.  Asked to recall some of the notes she had taken, she told jurors Essa’s plan was to initially introduce her as the children’s babysitter, and after a few months, they would publicly disclose they were dating.

“He told me that I would be the only mother the children will know.” She said Essa also told her, “Rosie’s family will come to love you like a daughter.”

Madeline’s testimony was punishing for Rosemarie’s parents, Rocco and Gee Gee DiPuccio. The suggestion that Rosemarie could be replaced was particularly painful.

Equally painful was the fact that the affair may not have been such a secret to Rosemarie. The night before she died, phone records suggest she repeatedly called Yazeed’s cell phone looking for him and that they may have argued around 2:00 a.m. About 12 hours later, Rosemarie was dead.

Keep watching In Session for gavel to gavel coverage of OH v. Yazeed Essa!

-Grace Wong, In Session Senior Field Producer

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Rose   January 21st, 2011 11:46 am ET

Isn't that funny that Yazeed was married on 9/11, two years prier to our worst desaster on America. This guy is very guilty and what else has he gotton away with that we don't know. I do not feel bad for the mistress, she know she was wrong, and should hide her face in shame.. If this happened in his country, what would have happened to her. I hope that the jury finds him guilty and he is punshed to the feull extent of the law

tammy   January 21st, 2011 11:52 am ET

OF COURSE he left the pills in the cabinet! an "innocent" person wouldn't have known of tampering and then would have had no reason to dispose of them. so, it was part of the plan. FURTHER, he abandoned his children. if they or anyone else had taken the tainted pills I doubt he would have been too upset. less baggage. HE is the only person that matters to him.

Jody T.   January 21st, 2011 11:54 am ET

How hard would it have been to purchase another bottle of the calcium capsules and replace the ones in the cabinet? He was flaunting those laced capsules to Rosie's family the day she died when they were back at the house and he pulled the bottle out of the cabinet to show to her family. It was like he was taunting the family knowing that he caused her death. "Catch me if you can"

Lorraine   January 21st, 2011 11:54 am ET

I think the more the Prosecutors parades Dr. Essa's cheating ways, it leads to why one of "those" women would kill Rosemarie. If the nurse/girlfriend could work side by side with the Doctor and continued her relationship even after knowing he was married, I believe she would go to "more" lengths to move in on "his" life and take his wife's place.

Robert   January 21st, 2011 11:55 am ET

I believe the good doctor originally planned to get rid of the pills however, once he heard that his wife's friend was told that he had given her the pill prior to leaving the house he had to change plans. Leave them there and go with the idea that someone else added the poison.

He thought he could go with the defense "if I did it why wouldn't I get rid of the pills" .

Michael robertson   January 21st, 2011 12:00 pm ET

Hi, I feel that the case in Ohio concerning Dr. Essa should serve as a constant reminder that there is no such thing as a perfect crime.This man appeared to have his life in order. He wasn't disadvantaged. He had the means and the opportunity to succeed. He was a success story. When i watch the "good Doctor" in the courthouse , I see a desensitized person. He shows the same stone-faced expression. People, Is this the price of success. The Doctor looks miserable. How many times have we watched the news, stories where successful people, Britney , Lisney , Deon , Michael Jackson, The list goes on and on about the 'price" of fame doesn't it. In closing, People , Be careful what you wish for. Money doesn't equal happiness !

dano   January 21st, 2011 12:01 pm ET

Please someone tell me, what is wrong with these young women that have no self respect for themselves what so ever? How could she possibly think that having an affair with a married man with children, that he would make a great husband and father of their children.

She surely checked her brain in at the front door of the hospital when she went to work with the doctor.

Mary   January 21st, 2011 12:03 pm ET

I do not believe that she should have her face covered. Just b/c she announce she had herpes that should not protect her. She got what she deserve a STD for life unless they have made progress in a cure. She did not worry about it while she was thrashing herself around with a married man... I do not feel sorry for her because of her he decided to kill his wife so she is guilty of that as for as I am concerned. To have the nerveor the edacity to go to that lady's home on the day she died tells me what type of human she is I think she should not practice being a nurse anymore. I would not want a herpes infected person to nurse me back to health. I know that you cannot tranfer the disease unless you have a break out but I would not trust her to let anyone know she was having a break out. I feel nothing but disgust in her and him. He should be sent to prison and not protect him let some of those people deal with him plus as for as her put the scarlet letter on her chest.

Anne Gibson   January 21st, 2011 12:04 pm ET

Rosie found out she had gotten herpes from her husband and confronted him, told him she was going to divorce him, thats when he decided she was going to die.Rosie had not told anyone yet because she was still processing everything.

doreen   January 21st, 2011 12:04 pm ET

what i think about him leaving the calcium pills behind is he thought they would be viewed as being tainted, that was the plan.

Diane Sower   January 21st, 2011 12:05 pm ET

This woman has to take responsibility for her reprehensible actions. She is "whispering" into the mike, playing the victim, and not telling everything she knows. Women sleeping with married men always pay a price, but hers, is more.

Diane (Long Island)   January 21st, 2011 12:21 pm ET

I believe the "good doctor" knew the ME would not test for cyanide. Maybe he even did a test run with another patient. Have other questionable deaths of his patients been investigated?

Julia Russell   January 21st, 2011 12:23 pm ET

On the show today a caller expressed he felt Yazeed was innocent because he did not get rid of the bottle with Cyanide. He left it in the medicine cabinet.
One person on the panel (not sure which one) said because doctors rarely ever check for cyanide poisoning unless there is cause, Yazeed felt safe. He never thought he would get caught so he didn't feel the need to get rid of it.
I think Yazeed didn't throw it away because if for some reason the cyanide did show up in the autopsy he needed to cover his bases. He could then point to the medicine cabinet and say it must have been product tampering. If they found the cyanide and he didn't keep the bottle, then he would have a hard time explaining it.

Mary   January 21st, 2011 12:37 pm ET

Can Rose Marie's family file a wrongful death law suit against this Michelle lady. I mean a lady in North Carolina sued her ex's mistress I beleive it was in North Carolina so why can't they sue her for distroying the children's mother and their daughter, sister????

Crystal Ellison   January 21st, 2011 12:57 pm ET

Essa look guilty as Hell and I fell he should be punished to the full extent of the law, letha injection would be undeserving and as for his mistress tha whole world need to see her for who she realy was/is Michelle Madeline, she went n2 it w/ her eyez wide open therefore she guilty as he is.. She got wat she deserve gettn' tha transmiting desease [ " I have 0 tolerance fo infadelity " ]

cregis   January 21st, 2011 1:16 pm ET

Why is Michelle Stephens' face blanked out on tv? Isn't this a public trial? I guess the judge ordered it, but did he give a reason. I don't particularly care what she looks like, but wondered about public records? If she's not charged with anything, where does her right of privacy come in?

Ginny Stewart   January 21st, 2011 1:31 pm ET

The Subject of Roses
I do not know the timeline for the "changing" from red roses to yellow roses...but, has anyone every checked to see if the progression of red to yellow was a sort of count down to Rosie's death. That is to say, from RED: "passion and love" to YELLOW: "SUNSHINE! FREEDOM TO EXPRESS LOVE!" ???

Betty   January 21st, 2011 1:31 pm ET

Was Essa aware if his mistress was not working in the ER the day that Rosie was in the accident. I think it interesting that she was not working the day his wife ended up there. Essa told her that his wife was cold, but could it be the doctor's wife was tried of being left alone and started to suspect something was going on but not sure what. He had the love of so many good people what a shame that he did not value them as much as the love he had for himself.

Gail Snail   January 21st, 2011 1:33 pm ET

I hope Madeline realizes that if he could do this to Rosemarie, the mother of his children, he could do the same to her (Madeline).

I suggest after she testifies, Madeline runs as far away as possible from him.

Helene Atassi   January 21st, 2011 1:39 pm ET

Why did Essa flee "before" the toxicolgy report? If my spouse had this suspicious death and the police wanted all his meds, it would never cross my mind that "there may be poison in them and I better leave the country". He planned all this. He expected Rosie to take that highway and have a auto accident with severe injury. I think the his planning to having another child was a smoke screen. He had to act fast before that happened. Michelle's sceduled vacation during that week of Rosie's death probably rubbed him wrong. He thinking he's bogged down with married life and he could be having fun with Michelle and other women. I think Rosie confronted him the night before and the his devious plan had to be hatched .

Janet   January 21st, 2011 2:14 pm ET

What in God's name is the defendant writing?

Gail   January 21st, 2011 2:26 pm ET

I think that at the time of the police interview, she was still so in love with him that she was trying not to say anything that would look bad for him. Now, she's ready to hang all the dirty laundry out to dry!

Vanessa Caudill   January 21st, 2011 2:34 pm ET

I feel he is guilty. He did not care about is wife, if he did he would not have had all the affairs that he had. He pretended to be a good father just to make him self believe-able if this went to trial. If he was such a loving and caring father why did he desert his children so soon after losing their mother. Heartless. I feel for these children. As for the girlfriend I don't feel sorry for her she knew what she was getting into all along. He knew he was married and had children. She had no regard for Rosie or her children, she just wanted Yaz at what ever cost. Now she is embarrassed that she was caught.

vicki OBanion   January 21st, 2011 2:39 pm ET

This mistress that tesified today , she sounds obsessed with this man to the point i believe she could have been even threating to expose there afair another thing if she contracted herps from him why didnt his wife contract herpes somthing is wrong her she dosent seem like a stable person to like whats with this diary? creepy

Theresa   January 21st, 2011 2:40 pm ET

I'm with Sunny Hostin.........I do not feel sorry for Michelle at all. She knew exactly what she was getting into when she started to date Essa. I do not know why the courts are protecting her identity? Who protected Rosie?

michele evens   January 21st, 2011 2:40 pm ET

I truly believe that Dr. Essa expected his wife to tragically die in that car accident. Thats why she was given such a large dose. of course he wouldnt have given her some small amount and risk her pulling over to get sick. As for why he didnt get rid of the pills i feel he did think it was neccessary plain and simple. As for the Mistress. She deserves what she got herpes and all. First of all she knew he was married and she had no way of knowing if he was sleeping with his wife so being nurse especially she knew she was placing herself at risk. She may be credible now after the fact but she's just as guilty as Dr Essa. ON the other hand he suggested she take Calcium tables as well maybe his plan was to get rid of her too. After all he had several women mabe there was another one he like more.

Norma Konczal   January 21st, 2011 2:46 pm ET

I don't think he did it because if he did he would have told the police he no longer had the pills instead of leading them to his home and handing over the pills.

Marie Gill   January 21st, 2011 2:52 pm ET

I am in favor of what Sunni said that girl didnt care what he did to be with him and I Would not be surprised if she helped him. They thought that the accident would cover their tracks.

Sheryl Williams   January 21st, 2011 2:53 pm ET

As for Dr. Essa's lover, Michelle Madelaine Stephens. If anyone feels sorry for he..............if you lie with a dog, you are going to get fleas.

Cindy M   January 21st, 2011 2:53 pm ET

Madeline's demeanor is different now as a the defense attorney is addressing her. I think she is covering her own butt. She doesn't want to be looked at in a negative way for sleeping with and carrying on with a married man (with children). I don't think she felt guilt for her relationship with him while she was in it. She continued to see him and correspond with him after Rosies death, so apparently did not think he was guilty or she would not be considering a proposal!. I think she is a bit bitter after finding out he was lying to her and for the fact that she is now publicly humiliated. And is now placing blame on the defendant for their entire relationship as if she is the victim (it takes two). It seems to me that she still has feelings for him.

Rose   January 21st, 2011 3:27 pm ET

I usually agree with Sonni but not completely in this case. My mom told my sister after she had a scuffle with her husbands mistress and got beat up that she should have beat up her husband up and would have had a better chance of getting a few licks in because he wasn't really a man. She said, "She (mistress) didn't promise you to be faithful for the rest of your lives, he did. Usually cheaters don't just cheat once, and if it hadn't been with her it would have been someone else. That's the kind of man you marrried." I was 10 years old and never forgot it. You had a case where a girl stabbed another girl over a boyfriend. As mad as I was at my mom for hurting my sister, it must have stuck with me because I would never fight over a guy, EVER.
I do think that Michelle is a serial husband dater. Why would any woman want someone else's sloppy seconds. She will probably need to be medicated for the rest of her life. If I understood things correctly, she posed as the nanny in front of Rosie's family. That is the thing that really upsets me. What was on her mind then? Unfortunately, no disrepect to Rosie's family but when a woman forgives a cheater, the cheater usually takes that as a license to cheat some more. One of my friends who is a police officer and a cheater told me that cheaters don't stop cheating once they get away with it, they just get better at cheating. I wonder how true that is.

Kathy Carson   January 21st, 2011 4:40 pm ET

This trial has been riveting! Three things..... First, I am shocked when I hear anyone say think this guy could be innocent!!. WoW!! Secondly, curious if the jury was allowed to know the information regarding the antifreeze that was in Rosie's drink at an earlier date and him telling her it dropped in there while he was working on the car??? Unbelievable!!!!! And lastly, my heart goes out to the infinite number of lives he ruined through murder, herpes and who knows what else!

B   January 21st, 2011 4:45 pm ET

I accidentally tuned on to this Dr Yazeed Essa case as I find it to be, "I can't stop watching it". I've only watched a few session thus far.

It amazes me that so many people in the world have/had relationships whereas one or the other is married & are having affairs. Which makes me think marriage is based on an affair, why get married. If you have children they are the ones who suffer.

Watching the testimony of Firas, and how he would do anything for his brother/family. I understand the Lebanese culture are very family orientated love & would stick by there values. But, Firas how quickly he could turn quickly against his brother so that he can be off the hook for his wrong doing in the murder of Rosie.

Okay yes I wouldn't want to go to jail for anyone and yes given a deal, what a slap on the hand, of course I would say anything the jurors would want to hear. I feel he knows more then he's leading onto.

It was how Firas said, I love Rosie. That's haunting unless I missed something in previous testimonies.

That whole male Lebanese testimonies geez they all have so much there hiding, and crooked people that have plenty of money.

Jan Sanders   January 21st, 2011 6:48 pm ET

Everyone wonders why Essa kept the cyanide-laden calcium pills. Could it be he thought he could duplicate the murder in the future if he needed to? Michelle said he had wanted her to take a calcium supplement as well!!!

Cece   January 22nd, 2011 4:55 am ET

What did Yazeed mean when he comments on the Bridal video:

“Rosie still has to do something she promised she would do after we were married” and that “we will have to see whether that happens or not” and that “she knows what it is”.


teresa   January 22nd, 2011 11:42 am ET

It's always amazing to me that for all their edjumacation, some doctors are simply idiots. The only time to concede to a doctors 100% skill is if one is in the ER unconcious.

I hope they fry Essa ... I really do.

Lesson here to ladies engaging in an affair w/ a married man: if his wife was really that COLD, dude would have divorced her. There arent alot of self sacrificing guys, not even for the kids sake.

@doreen: agree w/ you.

Gail Davis   January 22nd, 2011 1:36 pm ET

I just started watching Tue or Wed of this week and so some of my comments & questions may have already been answered, if so sorry.

The main question has to do with phone records to help determine a timeline of who called who, when & how long the call lasted, where the call was generated from as to the general/specific location. Depending on if they can be ob

Carol   January 22nd, 2011 1:54 pm ET

Michelle knows more than she is putting on, when Essa called her and informed her of Rosie's death, the prosecutor asked her what was her response and she stated "I said your lying" what kind of response is that? Also, she stated that when she asked Essa about getting a divorce he stated that he would handle it. Sorry, what woman would just stop the conversation there? I think she knew he was going to kill Rosie and when Essa ran she got nervous and started keeping a log of all her conversation's with him to cover herself.
I do believe Rosie had wind of the affair, she probably didn't want the embrassment of her family and friends knowing what was going on and especially the STD. This is what is called a HOT MESS!!

Gail Davis   January 22nd, 2011 2:39 pm ET

obtained & evaluated as to their importance in supportinrg the prosecutor's case.
What time was the first call Yaz made to Michelle the day Rosiemarie died compared to the time he was notified of the accident? Was she the first person he called? Was it made before or after he called Rosie's family, before or after he called his brother-in-law to tell him of the circumstances and arrange coverage for the kids so he could go to the ER? Did he make the call from home, on the way to the ER, or when he got to the ER and had seen her?
Was either the first or second call made before "HE CALLED IT"? Having the power to be the one to actually pronounce her death seems ironic!
I'd be asking why he even called Michelle at all if she was of no greater importance to him than any of the other mistresses he'd used?
Also I'd want to establish what time Rosie about meeting her at the
movie theater and where she was at the time of the call?
How much time was there between the call with her sister and Rosie calling Eva McGregor how long did it last,and how long was it from that call to the time noted for the accident?
It seems it might help establish how much time elapsed between her alleged taking of the calcium pill form Yaz and the effect of the cyanide.
If the calcium capsule tainted by cyanide only takes a short time to deteriorate and she took it right before she left and Yaz was at home with her wouldn't that be helpful?
I'd also want to know the most probable way she'd drive to the movie theatre and the distance (average travel time). Would she probably have needed to drive on a highway with greater speeds & and more traffic that might contribute to a more serious accident than the street it appears she was on at the time of her accident?

Gail Davis   January 22nd, 2011 3:38 pm ET

Continued from above:

I agree with a lot of the other comments made as to why Yaz did'nt get rid of the calcium/pills.

My thinking is: If the cyanide is never discovered it doesn't matter and he can rid of them much later when he feels safe. If, however, he gets rid of the bottle/pills and there ever comes a question as to cyanide poisoning, especially in relationship to her taking calcium pills, there better be a bottle of calcium pills in her home in the normal place shiuld would keep her supplements. It would be better to leave the few pills laced with cyanide in the bottle because without his fingerprints or other trace evidence linking him it leaves room for doubt.
Perhaps they were tampered with before they were gotten, perhaps they were tampered with by someone wanting to get Rosie out of the picture . . . maybe one of his many mistresses : )
He would appear as any innocent person would, which would to be totally unaware of their value to the case.
He probably believed he would never be found out and even if he were to come to be questioned it would never be proven.
His apparent personality disorder lends itself to feeling he can do no wrong . . . you know the whole Doctor/God complex of an egocentric, narcissistic supergod who is so brilliant and charismatic everyone, especially his in-laws, will grieve for his loss as much as their own!

Joyce   January 22nd, 2011 4:11 pm ET

Dr. Essa was wrong for what he did cheating on his wife for a period
of time he knew he had a family didn't care about what will happen to
Rosie , at that point he wanted to get rid of her for his others lover
on the side he deserve this he will be place in prison.

jance jarosz   January 22nd, 2011 4:40 pm ET

Why is the defendant wearing a wedding ring??

Robin   January 22nd, 2011 8:59 pm ET

Michelle is the best witness I have ever seen. We have all made mistakes, anyone who says otherwise just hasn't adequately dealt with their mistakes. Michelle has given me such hope in our ability to triumph from our humanity, She triumphed even in the face of the defense attorney's cross, somehow sealing herself from her own shame to testify honestly, even over her own defenses. I really liked her. The strength to overcome such adversity involves courage, character and integrity, probably more than that owned by those who claimed they have led "perfect" lives. That her surname is Madeline is not lost on me, and I can not emphasize enough how much I have gained by witnessing her courage.

Deborah   January 23rd, 2011 3:36 pm ET

Madeline you are a despicable woman. You knew, from the begining that Yazeed was a married man. You even met his wife. I don't buy your mental excuse. That's a bunch of grap. Why should your face not be shown. Rosie didn't have an option whether to live or die. The DiPuccio family doesn't have the option of their faces not being shown. Can you see the pain you and Yazeed has caused this family. I hope you will ask the DiPuccio family, for forgiveness, for the pain you have caused upon this family. I don't believe that Yazeed, will every do that, since he believe's he didn't do anything wrong.

keleigh   January 23rd, 2011 9:29 pm ET

Although I don't think Michelle had anything to do with Rosies death, I do think that she was desperate to be in Rosie's shoes, Michelle seems to be doing an awful lot of hoping around from Dr. to Dr.

Gabriel   January 24th, 2011 12:09 am ET

Let me get this straight:
1. Essa was an unfaithful husband with several women, including Michelle. He told these women he was in a loveless marriage.
2. This loveless marriage produced two children.
3. He tells his mistress he will marry her and his wife's family will accept her as his new wife and the mother of his children.
4. His wife dies of cyanide poison shortly after.
5. Essa gave her capsules reputed to be laced with cyanide.
6. Essa, and his family members carry out a charade to get him out of USA, not his kids, just him.
7. Essa, makes a mistake and is extradited to stand trial.
8. His family members that participated in this crime are not arrested?
(of course they did not know anything)
Does their motivation matter?
An innocent mother is dead, two children will know their father killed her and his family assisted. This is America. American citizens are not disposable. Essa and his family should know the extent of the law like every other American no more no less.

Cece   January 24th, 2011 3:14 am ET

Has Yazeed Essa incarcerated since his arrest, or out on bail?

Dee   January 24th, 2011 10:36 am ET

Just fry him! There are no extenuating circimstances where he should live. As mor Michelle Madaline – she should be grateful that her face is blanked out. Why is it I don't know – she doesn't deserve it. But I hope she has bad dreams for the rest of her miserable life for what he has done to Rose Maries family and children – Maybe she should fry too.

Robin   January 24th, 2011 10:39 am ET

Last week we heard testimony that a few day's prior to Rosies death, that there was a Google search on the Essa's home computer for Michelle Madelaine. Is it possible that perhaps Rosie herself had done this search? Perhaps she had knowledge or suspicion of an affair, and was trying to substantiate evidence before publicly "outing" her cheating husband, which caused him to kill his wife.

Nina   January 24th, 2011 12:12 pm ET

Did anyone look into the possibility that Yazeed may have been also planning to kill his mistress? She testified Yazeed also tried to get her to start taking calcium pills?

Alice Tucker   January 24th, 2011 12:15 pm ET

Yazeed Essa has to be the biggest player I have ever seen. He cares about no one except himself. It is my belief that Michelle knew what he was planning and was a scorned woman when he took off and left her holding the bag. He had no intention of marrying her and used her as a pawn to get rid of his wife. She is as guility as he and should be tried as a contributor to Rosies death. They should have not blanked out her face so American could see what a cheat looks like.

david mcclure   January 24th, 2011 12:30 pm ET

i think why Yazeed Essa murdered his wife is she found she was infecked with VD and
was going to devorce him and tell the hospital about his diesese and they would have to let him GO..

Dennis Dans   January 24th, 2011 12:36 pm ET

escaping the U.S.A. saved his life . He knew he would be found guilty.

LaToya   January 24th, 2011 12:56 pm ET

I'm with the mistresses husband, why flee the country and abandon your children if you're innocent? I'm convinced the jury is already prepared to make their decision!

Sherry Collins   January 24th, 2011 1:02 pm ET

Why all the furor over forensic evidence vs. circumstantial? After all, two witnesses have testified that Essa told them he poisoned the capsules. And while one of them may not be credible, the other was his own brother, who, acording to what has been shown, loves his brother very much.

Anita Abdalla   January 24th, 2011 1:03 pm ET

Yazeed Essa is guilty, guilty, guilty. This is a man who left his children without their mother in order to be with his mistress. She too is also guilty, knowing this man was married with children. I hope he gets what he deserves, life in prison and as for his mistress, I hope she has a long time to think about what she was a part of.

Dennis Dans   January 24th, 2011 1:42 pm ET

Personally I think Essa is a coward. He killed his wife, but fled the country in order to escape death himself. I think if you commit a crime in OUR COUNTRY you should be punished accordingly. Noone shounld be able to tell us how we can punish these criminals. I think that's why so many of them do flee. As for the childen, I don't think it bothered him to leave them, because with all his affairs, really how much time was he spending with his family!

kat   January 24th, 2011 2:32 pm ET

Was it ever investigated whether or not Dr. Essa used cocaine. During his statement to police he is constantly sniffing up and i notice during the trial he does the same?

pat weaver   January 24th, 2011 2:48 pm ET

id like to know how you accidently spill atifreeze into a pepsi bottle and also how much life insurance he had on rosemarie

Cece   January 24th, 2011 3:03 pm ET

Yazeed had given Rosie Herpes BEFORE Rosie married him.
She had broken up with him and THEN MARRIED HIM. I dont think some viewers caught that part of the story.

Marjorie   January 24th, 2011 3:23 pm ET

I have been an RN 40 years, and I have administered calcium po (by mouth) and by other routes and also purchased it and taken it myself. In my whole career I have never seen it in capsules, only in tablets or caplets. I wish the prosecution would bring in a Pharm D to testify in regard to the forms in which calcium is dispensed, packaged, and sold. I believe this very fact places Dr. Essa in control of the calcium/cyanide in question.

Cece   January 24th, 2011 3:33 pm ET

Was there any contact between Yazeed and his children in the 4 yrs. he was running?

Cece   January 24th, 2011 3:58 pm ET

Please, Show more testimony on the way Dr. Essa treated his deceased wifes body following her death.

Mimi   January 24th, 2011 5:08 pm ET

Watching the video of Essa on his wedding day he said to the camera "even though she didn't do something she promised I'm going through with it anyway" Wasn't that a red flag to anyone? Does her family or anyone else know what he meant?

Lorraine   January 24th, 2011 5:55 pm ET

The minute I heard that Michelle was a divorced woman, I wondered if Essa ever intended to marry her? Wouldn't that go against his Lebanese culture?
I think Michelle was just as self-serving as Essa, and I don't think she wanted to be put in Rosie's place, but wanted an entirely new life with him. Maybe by telling her this, he was 'testing' her, because it seemed to me that she wasn't very family minded, only thought of herself and what Essa could give her. Rosie's family would end up raising them. That's why he didn't have a problem leaving them with her family.
Lebanese men usually put their children ahead of their wives. Women are only for procreation. I don't think she would stay in such a marriage. (Maybe that's why he didn't get rid of the calcium pills, he would want to use them again?)

Christina Varriale   January 24th, 2011 5:59 pm ET

I feel that if you are a foreigner in this country and commit a crime or aid someone in committing a crime then he/she that aids should be deported and not allowed back in this country. I mean think about it-the whole reason why other people from different countries come here is because America is the land of opportunity-so if you come here to make a life for yourself and commit crime instead then you don't deserve to be here! We are too lenient a country! Instead of giving Jamal Kalife and Firas and Runa as well as others who aided Yazeed, ( and mind you these family members have committed other crimes as well) should not have gotten probation but deportation permanantly! They should also do their time in their country-where the prisons are disgusting like them!!!

PATRICK HARRISON   January 24th, 2011 6:02 pm ET

Ohio vs Essa, can you believe how calculating this guy is...he makes sure he's purchased tickets to vacation in Florida a day or two before she died to show that nothing was wrong with his marriage and remove him from blame of any sort?

I think he's most definitely guilty of murdering his wife.

From the photos of her car, there were no dents or damage I could see so someone should have checked into her death more closely right after her passing.

barbara t.   January 24th, 2011 6:31 pm ET

First I think that Michelle's answers were way too vague. She knew a lot more than she is letting on. Probably why she was having nervous breakdowns etc.. She is trying to present herself as a victim at all costs. I do not know why the lawyers let her get away with it. She hates him because she got caught and plunged into the public eye. Also a bit of jealousy there . She is scared to death she may get implicated. She acts as if she had no freewill in this affair. Save it for your husband.
Essa looks like he knows he will be convicted and is resigned to that fact. I do think He loved Michelle and wanted to have a relatiionship with her as she did with him . Most Dr.s are socially inept people with big egos.

deb   January 24th, 2011 8:42 pm ET

OMG this narssistic human is beyond guilty!! His defense lawyers are kidding with the only reason he's not guilty is "A loving husband" "Could eat he's cake too". What a load of bull. This man like so many before him thought he was smarter than anyone. " GOD COMPLEX ". I'm so sorry for her family & friends.

nita   January 25th, 2011 12:40 am ET

The truth of the matter is that BOTH Essa and Madeline are "needy" individuals. One would think persons who are intelligent and apparently well off enough to secure educations in the medical field, would certainly have made better choices in their personal lives. Both lacked something in their moral codes and mores.

I have no empathy toward either. I do believe he felt and still feels contempt for our system of the law. But, so does his family. I have never seen so many family members in trouble with the law. I guess what I am trying to say is, "fruit doesn't fall far from the tree". Rosie deserved better.....but she did settle for him. Perhaps she felt since he had given her herpes, no one else would want her and she wouldn't have to explain that part of her life to anyone.

My heart does go out to the husband of the office manager at Dish One . He must be a very forgiving man to be willing to stay in his marriage with a wife who cheated with their boss. How hurtful this must have been for him to have to testify. If anyone needed their face blurred, he did.

Shelley Staples   January 25th, 2011 2:32 am ET

Essa made ahuge mistake by telling his brother and sister in-law that Rosie was involved in a "horrible car accident" he didn't count on her slowing the car down and trying to pull over to the shoulder of the road and not having any injury, had his plan of a accident causing serious trauma to her friends and family might have continued to think he was a good husband. But his behavior when she was dead and he went to remove her necklace and wedding ring and exposing her to family he's lucky I wasn't in the room because he would need to eat his meals through a straw. He's so GUILTY its unbelievable. He sits there so smug just like Scott Peterson, and he'll be just as shocked when he's convicted..Thank God for the DePuccio family raising Rosie's children in a loving home. To Rosies family your in my thoughts and prayers.

Sigrid   January 25th, 2011 3:20 am ET

Does anyone not agree that this guy is a complete scumbag and a murderer. Too bad all this money and effort has to be spent to prove what is already painfully obvious.

vicki   January 25th, 2011 4:41 am ET

why are we not allowed to hear what the phone recording was about and what yaz and rosiewere fighting about that night before he poisened her these middle easterners think the american rules dont apply to them some how we have to as americans improve our justice system and apply it to muslims if they want to live in america

Carmen   January 25th, 2011 5:48 am ET

The reason he was helped in the middle east by the arab friends , is because he told them that his wofe was unfaithful and to them it is a duty to kill the wife,"Honor killing "what it proves that no matter how long they live in a western society they still treat women like property.
The mistress should show her face, why protect her? Essa and his family are garbage,should be deported and strip of US citizenship.

Annette   January 25th, 2011 11:31 am ET

Who needs forensics when the defendant leaves the country without making arrangements for his children. If he thought he was going to be "railroaded" he should have at least called his wife's family to explain and plead his innocence and check on the well-being of his children. The fact he cared so little for his children is enough for me to believe he is capable of murdering his wife.

Lorraine   January 25th, 2011 11:37 am ET

Just when did Dr. Essa give Rose Marie herpes? According to Eva MacGregor's testimony, he gave it to her before they broke up in the beginning.
So, that must mean that they were sexually active before marriage. If he thought she was cold in comparison to the others he was sleeping with, why did he marry her? He never intended to be faithful, just wanted her to be the mother of his children.

Plain Clothes Hero   January 25th, 2011 11:43 am ET

And why would Rose stay with this man if he almost killed her at another time? Wouldn't that be a red flag? The antifreeze "accidentally" feel into her soda...cmon...where was the common sense? Its a shame that this poor children are without their mother. God Bless those children.

Lisa   January 25th, 2011 11:57 am ET

Regarding the calcium pills...I think this shows his calculating behvior. He could have easily just given her a pill, but he went even further to suggest that the entire bottle was randomly tainted. He didn't just give her a pill that was tampered with, he put other pills that were tampered with in the bottle to try to suggest that the bottle itself was tampered with. This goes toward that "Tylenol Scare" issue that has been brought up.

kelly m layton   January 25th, 2011 12:03 pm ET

I'm wondering if Dr.Essa kept the bottle of calcium pills as a momento
To keep reminding himself he got away with it. And never thought she would ever have told someone she had taken it.

susie gordon   January 25th, 2011 12:17 pm ET

Why didn't Essa buy 2 bottles of calcium, hide one, poison his wife & then destroy that first bottle & substitiute it with the 2nd one ?

Sherrie   January 25th, 2011 12:17 pm ET know I'll never understand how these young women would even believe Yassa's words he expressed to them. Don't they know that he said the same things to his wife before he got tired of the relationship? What makes these "other" women think he'll be any different towards them once he gets tired of that relationship too.
Women you can't be that nieve.

South Carolina

mike   January 25th, 2011 12:40 pm ET

the last person to talk to mrs ezza said on the stand that he gave her the pill because she was runnig late !!!

Sandy Vela   January 25th, 2011 12:43 pm ET

If he was such a loving husband, then why did he cheat on her more than once. He is nothing special to look at, he is nothing but a womanizing killer. He should spend the rest of his like in jail with all the other degenerate losers.Please stop saying he was a "loving husband" because he was certainly not that!

Fran   January 25th, 2011 1:22 pm ET

What is Essa writing. His memoirs? Take away the pencil and paper! And, the detective handled the pills w/o gloves? Did he not watch the O.J. trial? If this guy gets off due to a technicality, it will be a sad day for all concerned who want justice served in this case!

I believe a link has already been established for the cyanide due to the connections Essa had with friends in the jewelry business. Essa could have used their address to have the package delivered to that business. It has been established by the prosecution that these "friends" and relatives were shady characters.

Thank God for the call from Rosemarie to her friend. If not for that contact, this would not be a case. Also, did Rosemarie ever reach her husband by phone before she went unconscious? Can that call be accessed?

Because of the circumstances, this has been a difficult trial to watch.

Thomas   January 25th, 2011 1:23 pm ET

Apparently not happy with his marriage, it appears his plan was to murder his wife. He felt the best way was poison her with Cyanide. How would he get her to injest the cyanide? He would recommend her to take Calcium CAPSULES, exchange the Calcium powder with the Cyanide powder and she not knowing would injest the doctored Calcium capsules which would and did cause her death. The fact he took flight from the country and was having and ongoing relationship with another whoman while being married doesn't look good for him.

kooksmom   January 25th, 2011 1:31 pm ET

The hot topic right now is~why didn't he throw the pills away if he tampered with them. I was talking this over with my husband, and we came to the same conclusion...he went through all the trouble to get the poisen and taint them-why not keep them incase he needed to get rid of anyone else-especially if he got away with it the first time! He is a sociopath that thinks he is smarter than everyone else, of course he was going to keep them. Then if the mistress gets boring-boom, he already had a fool proof way to get rid of her and go to the next one.

Margaret   January 25th, 2011 1:38 pm ET

I do not think highly of Essa, and I believe someone should pay for the poisioning of his wife. However, here is my thought on this....Let's say Essa's nurse lover put the poison in the pills. This would explain why the pills were still there. It would also explain the nurse's mental health issues. Maybe she was afraid someone else might take one and was ridden with guilt and fear causing anxiety. Why would Essa leave the pills there knowing all these people would be in and out of his house after his wife's death. Someone else might accidentally take one that was contaminated. He could not watch the bottle every moment, and any relative could have taken one. I take asprin at my daughter's house without necessarily asking. Someone traveling could have forgotten their own calcium pills and taken one by accident. I don't think Essa would have risked that, but his lover would be on pins and needles knowing she could not get in the house and remove them without causing some suspicion. hmmmm. As much as I think he is a creep for cheating on his wife, I am more inclined to think he might not have done it, but that his nurse lover did. She was not trying to cut off the relationship with guilt. She was trying to manipulate by witholding until she thought she would get what she wanted. And now she has gotten what she wanted and also doesn't have to worry if someone else would take the pills because they had finally been removed. Just my thoughts on the matter.

Mary   January 25th, 2011 2:00 pm ET

I may be wrong about this but this but I thought Yazeed and Rosemarie were BOTH taking calcium. If this was true where is Yazeed's bottle of calcium? We all know there was only one bottle found in the house. And by Yazeed's statements given in the detectives office of how often the two of them took the calcium and how many pills were left in the bottle that only ONE person was taking those pills... if I've been paying attention correctly.

And if in fact Yazeed had been taking these pills why stop after her death not knowing there is anything wrong with them.

Lorraine   January 25th, 2011 2:41 pm ET

I think Dr. Essa left the pills in the cupboard, because he never figured they would find cyanide in Rose Marie's system and trace it back to the pills.
He was so sure of himself, that he actually brought attention to the pills up to everyone he talked to, starting with Rosie's family at the hospital, at the house when people paid their respects at the funeral, and he even tossed the bottle to a friend/co-worker when he visited, saying that was what she was taking.
He thought he got away with it and was flaunting it in everyone's face.

gayle   January 25th, 2011 3:11 pm ET

just looking at this so called man makes me sick. send him home in a box with his family and friends carrying it

Sandy   January 25th, 2011 3:25 pm ET

I object to all these people being in our country and all are clearly crooks and being let off and/or not deported. They all helped him to hide this murder and should be charged or put out of our country and all their business which were probably aquired illegally should be taken. Dr Essa is clearly the person who has no feelings for anyone but himself and did kill his wife. All the evidence is there. I also object to his mistress hiding behind a mask and she is equally at fault and not showing her is clearly not sending a good message to our youth. Everyone who committed a crime should be punished. These people are costing our court systems and our country way too much money and this should not be allowed to continue. We need speedy trials and harsher punishments.

nik101   January 26th, 2011 6:06 am ET

1. Michelle knows a lot more than she is letting on. She's extremely good at playing the victim, but she's alive & well.

2. He didn't get rid of the pills because he didn't think he had to. His mind set was moving on with having his mistresses baby sit his children after Rosemarie's death. He thought he was smarter than everyone.

3. Rosie was a smart woman. How could she not see the scum Yaz was.
4. Anti-freeze in a Pepsi bottle. YIKES... she should have grabbed the kids and RUN!!!!

joy butler   January 26th, 2011 6:51 am ET

If the Dr and the one mistress were so in love why did they both marry someone else on the same day?. They continued their relationship until he fled. I would not be at all surprised that a DNA test proved that one of her children (I believe she has 3) were the Dr's. Another thing: The Dr. knew that his plan A had not worked out so I believe plan B went into motion: Leave the pills or plant brown bottle, remove brown bottle, CREATE reasonable doubt by leaving the pills right in plain view...after all if he was guilty wouldn't he get rid of them? He already knew the pills were going to be a concern so if he left them there that would (AND HAS) created confusion and doubt.One more thing: When he ended his taped interview with the police, the officer asked the Dr if there was anything else and it struck me funny that his answer was "No, I have thought of everything". The wording just struck me funny but I believe that he had put alot of thought into his B plan. I believe he left the country so he would have more time and freedom to "Plan his legal stragedy" and once over there he wore out his welcome with Kalife and his money sources were getting tight so his family had to go over there and give him $.....He went from the frying pan into the fire....He deserves it..........I guess he found out that there is a higher source of power than HIMSELF

joy butler   January 26th, 2011 7:16 am ET

Maybe I am way off on my thinking here but the Dr. and the LONG TERM mistress made agreements to only sleep with their spouses and they were still firends(WITH BENEFITS) right up until he fled the country. Her husband did not know until 1(ONE MONTH) ago that she carried on with the Dr. for YEARS and was married on the same day. I think this latest mistress was just for show...she had only been seeing the Dr. for 3 months and that she was suppose to be the suspect in his wifes death (Plan B) and that the Dr, and his long term mistress thought the whole thing out like a chess game (If she does this...then I will do that). He had both of them in the house days after Rosie died and haven't you noticed that the defense is now going after the long term mistress YEARS after the fact when all evidence is gone...instead of right at the beginning........the fingers were pointed to the recent mistress and the long term mistress was put on the back strategy from 5 years ago......With this long term mistress always in his daily life she HAD to know about Michelle and I believe when the wife (Rosie) finally had enough their plans went into action.....Long term mistress was right up to her neck in the original plans

FAB   January 26th, 2011 10:19 am ET

As I listen to the testimony of Marguerita Montanez, she seems to be so sure of herself and haughty as if her actions were "normal" and "what's the problem" attitude. If the prosecution was permitted, I wish they would ask and find out if she was aware of Essa's STD problem and if she contracted the STD (IN HER RELATIONSHIP W/BENEFITS!)!

When he goes to jail, he'll have lots of "girlfriends!"

Does the CDC have a responsibility here?

In response to "Mary" – good point!

Marie   January 26th, 2011 11:21 am ET

This comment is about Yazeed. Did anyone ever think that this man could be or is a serial killer? Why did he make comments to the women he was involved with that they should also take calcium pills? If he masterly thought up a plan, then what makes you think that he has not done this before. I personally think that Yazeed Essa wanted to kill other women he was with so that the death of his wife would not point to him.

Yvette   January 26th, 2011 3:11 pm ET

RE: Margerita Montanez. I watched todays proceedings. What a waste of my time. That's 2 hours of my life that I'm not going to get back.
Why is it that everyone can't believe that this woman was ok just being Essa's 'friends with benefits'? I bet if the tables were turned, and it was a woman who posioned (allegedly) her husband, and a man was on the stand, everyone would say, 'Oh, he's a guy. It's ok.' Give me a break. This woman has her own brand of morals, and that's all to it. I think she should have not even made it to the witness stand. WE already got it, Essa was a Casanova w/ the ladies. Get over it. Let's get back to what happened here please.

Maris   January 26th, 2011 4:07 pm ET

I am a nurse and my husband is from Cleveland , OH. Men in general are dogs, if you let them. Educated or uneducated. And the reason why, because they have a very big ego. If they have the right wife , their reason is the wife is busy , sex is cold and boring , but the real reason is , they cannot control them.
About friends with benefits , I wonder how Mr Montanez react knowing his wife had a sexual relationship under his nose and being interrogated in national tv. Unless Mr Montanez is the Pimp...
About Michelle , she just felt guilty after the fact ? I wonder how she would feel if her current husband will cheat on her ?
There's a saying , there is a reason why a sin is called a sin , because it is immoral , and you are not proud of it. But no matter how people try to hide the sin , they always forgot that they are only human and not perfect. God is perfect , and there is a reason why the tainted Calcium capsules was left in the medicine cabinet.
This same story was presented in the Bible. From Mary Magdaline, to the beheading of Jesus deciple .
For me the lesson is , " The devil can always cover himself in a sheeps clothing". And they are beautiful, because God created them as perfect.
Cyanide cannot be accessed by a nurse or somebody that works in Dish TV. Secondly , those female have no access to the house, until days after the death of the wife. Who else gave lethal dose?

Lorraine   January 26th, 2011 4:21 pm ET

Mistress? That word is too kind for them!
If they weren't interested in a married man, they could easily kick them where it hurts, period. Instead, they make it known that they are available by hanging out in the bars with them, as in the case of Michelle and Yaz.
Yes, it is flattering if they are paid attention to, but they aren't dragged into it, unless they want to be. And usually first, they have to find out just what is in it for them.
They usually just want the cream off the top, not the skim milk on the bottom. They aren't interested in wiping dirty noses and changing dirty diapers, only getting roses and sexy nities.
If he took those home to his wife, the ones in the bars wouldn't look so good!

Kathy   January 26th, 2011 5:59 pm ET

I'm just wondering why he is wearing a wedding band.

Karen Williams   January 26th, 2011 7:03 pm ET

I feel bad for the husband of mrs.montanez i could tell this has an effect on his life as well.As far as Michelle why was her faced blanked out? All these days i watched this trial i had to see pictures of Rosie and her children that have to live without their mother. What made Michelle so different? My opinion she was some of the cause of her break down. She went into this knowingly. I think Yazeed and his family need to go back to where they come from. They all have a history of breaking the law. United we stand it goes for everyone here. No exceptions.

joy butler   January 27th, 2011 6:49 am ET

Good points Kat, Mimi, and Pat Weaver.......Also, Marguerita's testomony had more holes than swiss cheeze...One month ago she told her husband the truth....(part). Her denying any feelings whatsoever is very stupid on her part because I believe she strutted around the office like a privileged princess and felt like one until she realized that the new mistress was getting flowers, clothes, etc. All it would take is a couple of old office personal to testify as to that fact. Yaz's wife probably knew alot more than she let on but didn't want to change her life style until it was literally thrown in her face and the good Dr. had 3 angry women coming at him at once.....or at least 2 and his new mistress pressuring him ....also, when he was living in Lebanon with false id papers, wasn't he basically at the mercy of the people who were there?????? No more Mr. big shot...and when he tried to continue the roll it upset Kalife. I still believe that one of her kids is the Dr.s so accounts for the long term friendship.......just my opinion Also, in the beginning of her testomy Marguretta stated that her pregnancy was planned and that her husband stated he should ask for her hand seeing that she was pg and then later she testified that she did not want any kids until she was 30 because she had 2 at an early age.....she can't even keep her lies straight....

joy butler   January 27th, 2011 6:55 am ET

If the Dr. continues to rub his chin like he is always doing he is going to wear his skin off.........or get a blister........devils tattoo for sure..constant drumming of fingers, shaking and or jiggling knee, rubbing chin constantly....that is what they call devils tattoo

FAB   January 27th, 2011 1:47 pm ET

After listening to the testimony regarding the phone calls, was Michelle Madeline asked as to the nature of her conversation with Essa the night before Rosemarie was murdered?

I would love to have been a "fly on the wall" in that bedroom when the brothers were conspiring after the detective left the home with the pills.

Marguerita Montanez was credible; however, she was testifying with her husband sitting in the back of the room. I tried to put myself in her place and I can understand why she was reserved in her responses. What she DID reveal had to be hurtful to her husband. He probably is still reeling due to the fact he just found out about her affair weeks before the trial.

vicki long   January 27th, 2011 2:03 pm ET

maybe rosemarie did supect something because she made sure she made that blessed phone call to her friend,eva. there is a gut feeling you feel when things are going on like this and those feelings don't go away.

Wendi   January 28th, 2011 12:52 pm ET

I think there is more to the roses. Michelle Stephens said she did not remember what the different combos of red and yellow meant. If I received flowers like that from the man I was in love with, I would ask about the significance and I would remember. If she would have said I don't know I might not be so suspicious.

jeff   January 28th, 2011 1:41 pm ET

it seems kinda werid how when the defense ask her if she new about the pills after she had heard of rosie death. and she said on the paper no,it almost reminds you of that movie body heat. it was planed.i think she knows what really happen and she was part of it.i mean come on he was married and she new.she was looking for money and a man with sucess,i mean look she married another doctor,and when his other girl friend who was also married was ask if they had a relationship she said only benefits and what . money!!!!! i thank he not the only one guilty.

FAB   January 28th, 2011 3:06 pm ET

I have heard of mixed bouquets of roses and thought I would look up the meaning. Below is from one of the sites:

"Friendly Yellow

Yellow roses in Victorian times meant jealousy, though today yellow shows "I care". The color is that of familiar love and domestic happiness – that of friendship, joy, gladness or freedom. The yellow rose is also sometimes given in sympathy."

It's well known red roses are an expression of love, but maybe Essa wanted to express his feelings beyond love–a life together for them!

Viewer   January 28th, 2011 4:29 pm ET

Michelle seems like quite a manipulator. She says she feels bad about cheating but when she is interviewed by police she does not appear aware of her previous emotions. She manages to get her doctor's help as well as her lawyer and the judge to hide her face. Then she marries a doctor from relationship number three. She offers an excuse for getting involved so soon with doctor number 3 saying it happened after she went through so much and after taking medication and having breakdowns. She claims of doctor number 3 that she FINALLY met a good and honest SHE deserved it!!. Once again playing the innocent victim.
I suspect the "shame " she expressed to Yaz was to convince him she had some morals after they committed adultery. I think she must have suspected Yaz after he told her something bad might happen.... and then it did! Rosie's death did not stop her from going to the funeral OR being with Rosie's kids!! Where is her conscience?!!!! I think her disenchantment with Yaz is because he took off .

gg   January 28th, 2011 9:26 pm ET

I find it despicable that the court allowed Michelle to hide her face. This is a public trial and she knowing entered into this relationship with a married man. I doubt there is a person alive who, when found out, would not want the privilege of hiding their face in court...and it IS a privilege. She deserves no special treatment. I think the fact that she has an SDT should be public knowledge...she is by no means an innocent victim. She is being given the same protection and special treatment that a rape victim or abused person would be afforded.

As for the murderer, one point that I feel has been understated is the fact that he is a part of a nationality that holds little value to females and their wives. This case seems to exemplify that. I feel the reason he fled was to go back to a country and people that agree with that and would protect him and hide him.

I do not believe this had to do with wanting to be with another woman; I believe it had more to do with money. He was done with his wife and was not about to leave her in any position to get any of his money. Any other woman involved with him was just icing on his cake…toys to play with on the next step of his life.

He was involved with a criminal family who all seem to hold little morals and none of them sound as if they ever expect to have to answer to any of our laws or principles. There is so much more to this entire story that we will never know, including Rosie’s story that went to the grave with her.

I hope at least one of them has to pay for the loss of a mother to two children who’s lives have been forever changed…they are the only innocents in this story IMO…God bless them and Rosie’s family.

Darlene Livingston   January 31st, 2011 3:13 pm ET

The common interpretation of love triangles especially compulsive cheating is feelings of powerlessness. When you have two people needing or in love with you it gives you a false sense power over both. Your able to with hold love from both which intensifies their need for you and thus the sense of power.
It also allows the parties to cover significant flaws, such as hidden insensitivity or inability to love or lecherousness. The relationship with Margarita is very interesting in that they both suffer from the same insensitivities.

patty   February 2nd, 2011 9:37 am ET

while i am listening to the defense giving its closing argument it sounds like jamal khalife is on trial not doctor essa the defense never mentions anything about the doctor

patty   February 2nd, 2011 10:07 am ET

according to the defense everyone has a motive for making up stories about the doctor. well maybe but as far as i am concerned rosemarie girl friend has no reason to make up the story that the doctor gave her the pills. that states the whole case.

Sharon K. Jones   February 3rd, 2011 3:01 pm ET

I have watched the whole trial........and so glad they found him guilty. The only thing I wish they would have castrated him and took away any chance of him ever being able to perform again.......what a cocky cold blooded murderer. Your heart goes out to his wifes family and ll this man has done to their lives and the lives of the children.

dolly   February 3rd, 2011 6:18 pm ET

essa is guilty guilty guilty. he got exactly what he deserved!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith   February 4th, 2011 10:32 am ET

Man i consider myself a pretty tough guy, but watching the family make there statements brought a tear to my eye,what a great family,seems like bad things always happen to good people,god bless everyone in there family and i hope everyday is a living hell for essa...and hope he spends the rest of his life locked up like the animal he is,and to his defense team,sounds like sour grapes to me,anyone with half as brain would have found him guilty!!

marian fisher   February 4th, 2011 11:56 am ET

he should stay in prison forever and ever. why didnt he get the death penalty in ohio?? i feel so sad for the dipucchios and the children. but i can see that all of the dipucchios are are strong and will raise the children extremely well and with faith in the lord and with their mother looking down upon them all! bless the dipucchios!

Phyllis   February 4th, 2011 9:56 pm ET

I have watched this trial since day one. I have never seen such an empty person before this. This thing which is representing a human bein is such a waste.

That beautiful women that he killed, my heart goes out to the family, her children and expecially her parents. I feel your pain, I wept with you today as I watched. You are a good family, a loving family and I know Rosie is watching from above and she is so proud of you. God Bless each and every one of you. Rosie's children are blessed to have such a good, strong family. Dominic, I pray for God to give you strength for the pain you have endured. I know it took all of your greatness not to step across that line and punch him. Your a true gentleman and a loving father.

Eileen   February 20th, 2011 12:07 pm ET

I found it interesting that Yazeed told the detective that he had been to an AA meeting yet all throughout the trial there are references to his drinking with both Margarita Montenez andwith Michelle at the Emergency Room party. He must have told Rosie that's where he was going some of the times he was out of the house. As to the way Lebanese men treat their wifes as property and the tradition of "honor Killings" he brags in Lebanon of killing his wife because she supposedly cheated on him. Rosie eas in denial big time until she found out about Michelle Madeline and was searching google for her address. I wonder who at the hospital told her about Michelle. She called Essa 14 times on tjhe phone the night before she tdied. Then they had the phone call at after !:00 in the a.m. the day she died. I beleive he had been planning her death and when she confronted him on the phone about Michelle his plan was set in motion later that day when she was leaving to see a movie with Deanna who he was afraid she was going to tell her sister about the affair.

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 This is your online home for In Session on truTV’s up-to-the minute, comprehensive coverage of legal issues, trials and news from America’s courtrooms.  Our anchors, analysts and producers are teaming up here to give you updates on the stories that matter to you.

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Judge suspended for video beating seeks reinstatement; ex-wife is opposed. READ MORE:
Twitter icon InSession 2:07 pm ET October 4, 2012 RETWEET
Casey Anthony trial: Take 2? Will the nation’s most infamous mom go back to court?
Twitter icon HLNTV 2:06 pm ET October 4, 2012 RETWEET
We have friends on Facebook ... and then we have "friends." Here's how you can manage them both on Facebook.
Twitter icon HLNTV 1:37 pm ET October 4, 2012 RETWEET
Philadelphia top cop says he plans to fire officer who struck parade-goer. READ MORE:
Twitter icon InSession 1:27 pm ET October 4, 2012 RETWEET
Toxicologist Tate Yeatman is on stand in #millionairedui trial. State says Goodman's blood alcohol content was more than twice legal limit.
Twitter icon InSession 1:04 pm ET October 4, 2012 RETWEET
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