July 21, 2008

Tampa jury still deliberating in murder trial

Posted: 09:06 AM ET

TAMPA, Forida–After deliberating for 3 hours without reaching a verdict, the jury in Florida v Joshua Rosa will resume their deliberations Monday morning.

Friday was a tense day in the Tampa courtroom with emotions between the families of the defendant and victim extremely strained. Although they used to live across the street from each other , they are now miles apart in this first-degree murder trial.

The day started with defense forensic pathologist Dr. Ronald Wright taking the stand. He testified that a manual strangulation death such as what happened to 13-year-old Stephen Tomlinson does not produce a bloody nose or mouth until after death. Dr. Wright testified the "dynamic" strangulation murder as outlined by the prosecution did not include any blood. So any blood on the defendant came after the murder when Rosa found him and tried to help.

The defense closing argument focused on many issues, including why the blood pattern and injuries to Rosa are not consistent with Tomlinson fighting for his life.  Defense attorney Brian Gonzalez said the foreign DNA under Stephen's left hand fingernails was consistent with Rosa's DNA profile on 3 markers, but was so weak that 1 in 5 African American's couldn't be excluded from the profile or 1 in 12 Hispanics.

During the prosecution closing argument Assistant State Attorney Jay Pruner put on Rosa's actual white cotton gloves while describing how Rosa held the young boy in a neck lock from the back while covering his bloody nose. He described how he said Tomlinson fought with his left hand and nails to get Rosa's arm away from his neck and fought with his right arm to get Rosa's hand off his bloody mouth area. It was a strong closing demonstration, linking together the blood on the gloves, the blood on Tomlinson's right hand and Tomlinson's fingernail clippings with foreign DNA that couldn't rule out the defendant.

Rosa faces life in prison.

–Jean Casarez, In Session correspondent

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Danna, Winchester, KY   July 21st, 2008 9:34 am ET

I have reasonable doubt. I can't convict on this one.

Joshua Guidry   July 21st, 2008 9:45 am ET

I don't think that joshua rosa really murdered the 13 year old kid. They are going off of false accuzations. The defence team needs too look at more evidence. From the way the dad talked, They were close. How do they know that mr rosa was not leaving to get help. I think the jury is gonna see that there is not enough deliberant witnesses to convict joshua rosa for the murder.

Kely Fl   July 21st, 2008 9:49 am ET

I think rosa didn't do it theres not enough evidence to prove that he did it .i'v watched this trial from begining to well were still waiting,but if this park was so bad how do we know that the kids in the car that pulled up didn't do this or someone else who was there do drugs or alchol did anyone question them!!!

Beth Little   July 21st, 2008 9:53 am ET

Lisa, if i was on the jury i would want to know how the blood got on the inside of his pants at the knee? I think he was after sex and Steven refused and it turned into murder. my arguement would be DNA on the inside of the pants,

tom linton   July 21st, 2008 10:00 am ET

First, It is difficult to understand why Rosa would go jogging in a park and take his white gloves and a flashlight with him. That aside, assuming he was really there to jog and perhaps had his gloves in his pocket, why would he put them on when he claims to have found his friend in the woods. And, if he were simply jogging on the jogging path in the park, why would he even go into those woods?

vivian   July 21st, 2008 10:14 am ET

The smoking "guns" in the Rosa's case is the fact that he was looking for Stephen and his keys. He found Stephen and claimed he did "not" know that it was Stephen. But most damaging of all, the investigators found Rosa's keys under Stephen's body! Rosa is guilty without a doubt.

Ben Martinez   July 21st, 2008 10:37 am ET

Where was the blood on the gloves found?. Was the blood on the front of the gloves, back of the gloves, sides?. would this possibly show if he had the gloves on or off. Did he pull the gloves from his pockets and wipe the boys nose & mouth or did he have the gloves on.

Alice Knotts   July 21st, 2008 11:12 am ET

They keeping harping on the evidence that ther was more than one person involved in the murder of Stephen, well maybe there was more than one person , but one thing is truly evident to me and that is Joshua Rosa is one of the murders.

Jacqui Kury   July 21st, 2008 11:30 am ET

This verdict causes me great sadness in our judicial process. I do not know whether he did this or not. However, based on the facts and suppositions presented by the prosecution, I can not understand for the life of me how this jury got passed reasonable doubt. There was too much not readily explained. This just furthers my doubts regarding the hearts of people today. That they would so willingly accept the persocution without substantial circumstantial evidence. I agree there was circumstantial evidence, however it still left reasonable doubt. It makes me wonder if people are really able to not hold against the defendant the fact they did not take the stand.

Deborah aka steelnpearls in Texas   July 21st, 2008 11:46 am ET

It was the keys of Joshua Rosa that were UNDER the body of Steven Tomlinson. It was the amount of Steven's blood on Joshua Roas, why didn't you know Steven when you got up to the guys in the car? How come there was nothing but willfulness on your part at sentencing, to make sure you told how you were not guilty. Nothing said by you to the family of Steven Tomlinson, even if you are innocent in your mind, not a word of apology for the family of Steven Tomlinson and their loss. Only for your own skin.
Good luck in prison...for I know as Im a former deputy sheriff and I know what happens inside. Whatever you had in mind for Steven will happen to you in there.

Mpallante   July 21st, 2008 11:54 am ET

I believe Joshua and Steven had an emotional relationship that is not being discussed and someone else in that park beat Stephen and left his body in a humiliating position because of this relationship.

Lori N.   July 21st, 2008 11:54 am ET

I am shocked! I have never seen a trial with more Reasonable Doubt than this one. There is no motive, no weapon, no history of any kind of violence on the part of the accused, no witnesses or anything that proves that Joshua Rosa did anything to the contrary of what he said he did.
If he was so calculated in his plan to kill Stephen, why didn't he bring a weapon to the park with him? If Stephen was 5'4", 121lbs, Joshua could not have been much bigger than him at the time. Why would he assume that he could overtake him without a huge struggle?
Why wouldn't he run the opposite direction when he went to the car to ask for them to call 911? And why would he want to call 911 when they could possibly recessitate him and be identified as the attacker?
Each one of these and many more, are resonable doubt.
I just lost faith in our Justice System.

M J Elkins   July 21st, 2008 12:05 pm ET

When Joshua Rosa was sentenced to Life without parole why did the Judge credit Rosa with time served? If he's serving Life without parole and never getting out, why credit him with time served, thats rather pointless isn't it?

e robinson   July 21st, 2008 12:26 pm ET

I am shocked to hear that Rosa was convicted with no compelling evidence or verifiable motive. This will teach others not to seek help for victims. To be found guilty for saying no to knowing who the victim was is incredulous. A young man in shock saying no could mean he cannot accept what he saw or would not want to talk about it.
He ran TO the car seeking help; he did not duck back into the woods.

The victims pants down and not his shorts looks more like he was being harassed and pants down to prevent running away. A rapist would probably pull down both.

And the attention to him having nail clippers in his pocket; many people do carry nail clippers and if you wear white gloves you certainly would want them to clip ragged nails which would catch on these types of gloves.

Even the keys under the body is easily explained; dropping them when trying to see if he could help boy and even later when the other fellow lifted the body they could have been accidently or purposely kicked under,
I would consider them more viable suspects.

neither the victim nor Rosa got justice today. The real killer(s) are probably still out there.

The justice system is making more victims. Look how long Jon Benoit's parents were under strong suspicion/ Patsy did not live long enough to hear her name cleared. Their lives were destroyed socially and financially.

becca   July 21st, 2008 12:54 pm ET

I honestly don't think Rosa is guilty. He is a church youth minister and while they are begining to have a bad name Rosa's conduct during and after the verdict were not that of a guilty man. Nor of a child molester. Rosa throughout the whole trial was well conducted and very well mannered in his last words to the jury and court room. While the evidence is againest him anything could have happened to that other boy.

dswauger   July 21st, 2008 1:02 pm ET

I think if Joshua had killed Steven instead of going for help he would have hidden in the trees until he could get out of there without the kids in the car seeing him. There is too much speculation by the prosecution to put this young man away for life.

Tanya Aguilar   July 21st, 2008 1:06 pm ET

This is yet another tragic case of the presumption of guilt as a community rushes to an emotional verdict in an effort to bring solice to another grieving family. We must remember to consider all of the information brought forth and that which is not brought forth to prove a case beyond resonable doubt. I continue to pray for both of these families and that the truth will be brought to light very soon.
Until then Joshua stay strong!

Pam   July 21st, 2008 1:40 pm ET

Joshua Rosa.............I am so disturbed by the sentence and by the reaction of the father of the victum. The Father has NEVER said anything that I heard that was specific as to why he is sure Joshua is guilty. ALSO, I don't believe the evidence was overwhelming and should NOT have had the punishment of life without the possibility of parole.

Julie   July 21st, 2008 1:56 pm ET

Hey Jean,

is there any word on what happened to Joshua Rosa's father? I read on the insession message board that his father had to be rushed to the hospital after the verdict was read. He supposedly fainted and split open his lip?

Do you have any updates from the courthouse for us? Thanks in advance.

Gerald Becker   July 21st, 2008 2:04 pm ET

Why is it that Joshua Rosa has been foung guilty of first degree murder and Stevens father allowed to face this boy and speak directly to him?

Keith   July 21st, 2008 2:09 pm ET

This case is not that difficult. I actually believe its obvious that Rosa had premeditated killing Stephen. He probably assulted him on another occassion and killed him to keep him quiet. In my life I have also been a victim and I can see right though the manipulation of child molestors. Rosa may never admit his guilt but thank God he didn't get away with it. He's a control freak that would have killed again to protect his life without regard for anyone.

TANGELA   July 21st, 2008 2:11 pm ET


dRlAUREY   July 21st, 2008 2:12 pm ET

I do not believe Rosa is guilty of murder. I think that those of us who believe this kid is innocent will think twice about helping someone in the same circumstance. I personally, will never stop to help anyone again unless I have witnesses!
I also believe that he should have had a change of venue...this was such an emotional case, I believe the jury convicted on emotion NOT ON THE FACTS!

Priscilla   July 21st, 2008 2:13 pm ET

As per mr. Tomlinson's statement, there was another stabbing in the park where this crime took place.......

Should Joshua Rosa be accused of this crime also?

What a shame, I totally disagree with the jurors in this case, I hope they can sleep at night.

God Bless.

T. Porter   July 21st, 2008 2:14 pm ET

Rosa being found guilty did surprise me. I'm not sure if he did it or not-only Rosa, Stephen and God know that-but I don't think that the State proved reasonable doubt, (I know I still have some doubts). What I'm really surprised at, is the "out for blood" comments I've read on the internet time and time again! The "eye for an eye" mob mentality worries me. This has case has definitely effected our society. There are strong opinions on both sides, and I'm not surprised at the emotional response of everyone. This is a former youth minister found guilty of murder, no wonder the debate is fierce. But I am concerned about this "out for blood" group. Nothing but trouble will come from them!

Angela Smith   July 21st, 2008 2:14 pm ET

I believe that he is guilty as charged. What 19 year old hangs around 13 year old boys. Just because he is a youth minister shouldnt even matter. How many of these stories have we heard with popes who also appear to have strong morales? It is very easy in a position of authority where everyone respects you to control others and start to think you are untouchable. And what better of a way to feed your sexual problems than with an innocent child? Maybe the little boy was going to tell that he was being molested, Rosa got scared and lured him to the park, where he was murdered. His attitude in his comment after conviction shows someone used to being in control and being trusted and those last comments seem to have been said to validate the oppinion that others have of him and remind his supporters that he is the good guy that everyone has always thought. I dont think the jurors were convicting on evidence though. I think they could see through him.

Lynn   July 21st, 2008 2:21 pm ET

Rosa deserved what he gts for killing Stephen. I hope he suffers like Stephen had to. NO SYMPATHY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debby Missouri   July 21st, 2008 2:31 pm ET

this guy was guilty he knows it, I think he should make punishment fit the crime. Then no overcrowding a good deterrant as well.

Klbloomer   July 21st, 2008 2:40 pm ET

SHOCKED on the virdit . Think it was a hasty virdit on the jurors part. Think they really gave zero thought on the criminal element in that park.

annette   July 21st, 2008 2:49 pm ET

I believe this boy is innocent and is doing time for someones crime. I feel bad for him and his family.

Nita King   July 21st, 2008 2:55 pm ET

Too many actors and judges. Joshua is not quilty. One wonders just how safe one is if they try to help someone. Steven's dad needs to take self inventory.

joan arnold   July 21st, 2008 3:00 pm ET

How can all of you believe so firmly in a jury system that cannot convict a man who committed murder on video tape after announcing his reason as disdain for the victims' ethnic-religious group and then confessed coolly on a 911 tape; yet can quickly convict a man (almost still a boy at the time of the crime) on a flimsy, unproven circumstantial case?
It seems entirely possible that this system may end up freeing a terrorist and locking up a Good Samaritan.

Marina Shepard   July 21st, 2008 3:01 pm ET

What a terrible miscarriage of justice. The only thing Joshua Rosa is guilty of is putting his faith in the justice system, which was evident by the look on his face when the verdict was read. I don't know how the members of this jury will ever be able to sleep at night. Thank goodness he has a strong relationship with God, the only true judge.

Dani Elliott   July 21st, 2008 4:58 pm ET

This case makes me really worry about the justice system! A boy the same age as me will never see outside prison walls for the rest of his life. If they had more evidense they might have convinced me but there was so much reasonable doubt. It really makes me consider what I will do if I ever find somebody in trouble, I really don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison for trying to help somebody!

peggy kelly   July 21st, 2008 7:14 pm ET

I think Mr. Rosa is guilty why else would he lie about knowing Stephen , and what was his keys doing between his legs. When Mr. Rosa was going to go get a flash light to look for his keys. I think Mr. Rosa got scared when he seen the other boys and didn't know what else to do.

Nancy Haupt   July 21st, 2008 8:07 pm ET

I just can't believe Rosa is guilty! How many times has a defendent been framed for a crime or just found himself at the scene after the fact? This fine young man doesn't even have the hope of walking free from a crime he probably didn't even commit. If he even was involved, I'm sure he didn't act alone.

Donna   July 21st, 2008 8:35 pm ET

The verdit in this case scares the hell out of me!!! Don't put yourself, because we are quite often willing to take on more than we would subject our family members too, but put your most loved one in the place of Joshua Rosa. Could you convict them of First Degree Felony Murder and sleep at night?? I think if most people applied the evidence in this case to someone they loved more than life itself, they would have to aquit and the same barometer should be applied to anyone elses loved one!
My heart goes out to Ronald Tomlinson in the loss of his son; I can't even imagine his pain, but the evidence presented did NOT prove that Joshua Rosa was his killer without any reasonable doubt!

Rocky   July 21st, 2008 8:40 pm ET

I don't really have a comment, but rather, a question about the sentencing in this case(Joshua Rosa VS The state of Florida).
The presiding judge said that Rosa would be sentenced to "Life" with "no parole" but that he would be given "credit" for time already served since the crime was committed. WHAT does "credit" refer to?
Isn't "life", life credit or not?

Thank you for your response.

joy alabama   July 21st, 2008 8:43 pm ET

what if this young man is found guilty and then later found that he did not do this crime what will the courts do i do not believe he done it

Brian Peterson   July 21st, 2008 9:28 pm ET

It's unbelievable that the Tampa police didn't take DNA samples from everyone who was in that park that night (especially the three boys smoking pot and drinking in their car). Guilliani cleaned up New York by locking up the petty criminals, resulting in a decrease in the violent crime in the city (committed by -guess who?). The fact that the jury convicted this young man on the sketchy evidence presented, evidence that could fit both the prosecution and defense scenarios, smacks of expediency over justice. From the police to the DA's office, pressure for a quick conviction from the community drove the police and DA to pick the easiest target, Joshua Rosa, instead of the creeps that really commited this crime. The lack of critical thinking on the part of the jury is just sad, for the young man convicted and the family of the victim, because the real perpetrators are walking free.

E. Lanosa   July 21st, 2008 11:54 pm ET

I do believe that Joshua Rosa killed Stephen Tomlinson. It is my feeling that he killed him while trying to molest him and when Stephen fought back then Joshua killed him so he wouldn't get caught.

It is a very sad story for everyone involved but sometime a wolf isn't always wearing wolf's clothing. We know this from experience.

joann   July 22nd, 2008 12:17 am ET

I was shocked that deliberrations were so short for such a case. I dont know if Josh is guilty or not and I watched the entire trial. How could they have reached this verdict and be able to go home and sleep at night. May God be with both families. Nobody wins..

pat carter   July 22nd, 2008 9:59 am ET

It appears to me that DNA isn't always taken into consideration in these cases. Putting your head in the sand is easier.

Pat Carter

kat Brad   July 22nd, 2008 10:09 am ET

After watching the trial of Florida vs Joshua Rosa, the jury verdict was wrong!!
And I hope that Mr. Rosa's attorneys win the appeal.

Priscilla   July 22nd, 2008 10:15 am ET

I salute Mr. Hough for being the firefighter he was, but firefighter or police officer or any person with an "authority" position do not have the right to "lose" their temper, and go out and shoot people.

This case should be treated as any "civilian" case is treated.

P F   July 22nd, 2008 11:25 am ET

I can't believe Josh was found guilty. I don't see how the prosecutor can sleep at night well knowing that most of what he said was what he thought happened but no real hard evidence. Now why would he be coming out of the woods that were familar to him with a flashlight after committing such a crime. Everybody wants everything to be sexual, there was no proof of this, no history on Josh part. I think jurys need to be not of our peers but of people with the knowledge and education that are capable of actually looking at the evidence and not supposing what might have happened as the prosecutor did. I must have missed the part where the witness asked him who it was, I remember the part were Josh ran up to the car and said a kid was hurt, now why would he give them a name if he didn't know these guys knew Stephen. The blood on the gloves and the keys may have happened when he first came upon Stephen. The defense needs to hire a private eye, I thinks theres more to crime in this park than being protrayed by Stephens dad and the other witnesses. Life in prison for such a young man is a death sentence. I hope the jury process is reevaluated. I pray for Josh that justice will be served.

Tim   July 22nd, 2008 12:20 pm ET

I do not believe for a second that Joshua Rosa is guilty of this crime. Maybe its me but the evidence in this case ws very weak plain and simple. Who knows what went on during the jury deliberations. As an ex-juror myself I know from first hand experience what can happen in a jury room while a trial is going on and during dilberations and trust me you will be surprised. Honestly, I hope this guilty verdict gets thrown out on appeal. There are many people who are in prison because they got convicted on weak evidence and in fact are INNOCENT and Joshua Rosa is an INNOCENT man.

Eli D.   July 22nd, 2008 12:21 pm ET

Truth be told Rosa's story of what happened is not clear. Why go to a so secluded area. I believe that young Rosa had intentions with the victim. The boy decided that he would tell an adult. Rosa should face his demons and be honest to himself. aI think that the jury made the right decision.

Patty F   July 22nd, 2008 12:22 pm ET

I am absolutely stunned by this verdict and even more so at the comments of those who actually think he did this based on their emotions and "speculations" that Mr. Rosa was a child molester. Maybe the kid wore his pants half way down his waist like other kids do and they fell.! We can speculate all day, but in the end, if we want our kids to do well, believe in God, do the right thing and STILL get convicted of a crime with no evidence..well, Hell in a handbasket and fast. I HOPE and PRAY that some of the talented lawyers on TRU TV will help and get this kid a new trial fast! I too was very disturbed at the father's response. You'd figure he'd want the correct person in jail not just vengence. I'd actually contribute to Mr. Rosa's appeal if his family sets up a fund. He is not guilty!

Cathy   July 22nd, 2008 12:27 pm ET

Rosa really got the shaft . I was shocked to hear GUILTY! Did I sleep through something I never heard of any hard evidence showing that he killed the boy! Maybe the jury slept through something or just was in a hurry to get this over with!

Steph   July 22nd, 2008 12:59 pm ET

There are things that happen in your life and you think.... Wow did that just really happen????
That is exactly how I felt after seeing and hearing the Joshua Rosa verdict. I watched the trial and like others did I fall asleep and miss something because there was an incredible amount of reasonable doubt in my mind.
I am still shaking my head thinking.. WHAT???
This is just not right, I hope his lawyers win the appeal and the real killers are found.
I will be praying for both families.

Dixi   July 22nd, 2008 1:19 pm ET


Martha   July 22nd, 2008 1:31 pm ET

Joshua Rosa is INOCENT.
I don't want to lose hope in our system,
I can not believe the verdict !!!!
Phil Spactor is free and Rosa convicted?...Hmmm can see money talks, not justice.
Hope a good defense lawyer do justice for Rosa.
I still trust in God.

Tracy L   July 22nd, 2008 2:58 pm ET

I watched the whole trial and wished I was on the jury. Reasonable doubt was everywhere. I had a sick feeling that Joshua Rosa would be convicted due to the TYPE of crime.

As I watched the trial and evaluated the evidence presented by the prosecutor, I felt that it would be the "mystery" DNA that would convice the jury. This partial DNA profile was probably what did it because the jurors didn't understand how those partial profiles are NOT to make a match, but rather to show the possibility that the DNA could belong to Rosa. This is quite different from a regular DNA analysis in which there really is a "match". With the ethnic make-up of this community/subdivision being very diverse, there are thousands of people in that location who could have contributed this DNA.

There is just no way I could find this young man guilty. How could a 130 pound, five-foot six or seven teen (by any type of manual strangulation method) kill a five-four, 123 pound teen WITHOUT any defensive wounds on the perpetrator?????? This is what should have been the focus - not the DNA – Joshua should have Steven's DNA/blood on his person if he touched him in an effort to render aid.

The gloves and fingernail clippers. These items are perfectly natural to be found together. If you wear these gloves for practicing church activities (and threw them in the pocket of a jacket you planned to wear on the way to practice), then it would be natural to keep clippers available for snagged nails. Joshua Rosa had every opportunity to clip Steven's nails and DID NOT clip them - if he didn't clip Steven's nails, then the clippers are NOT evidence of any wrong-doing.

I just don't get it – IF Rosa killed Stephen, he could certainly have gotten away with it by clipping the nails, running out of the wooded area in another direction, ditching the gloves and clippers, getting rid of his clothing, removing his keys from the scene, et cetera.
The fact that he did NONE of those things infers that he had nothing to hide.

Just because Rosa was seen with Tomlinson earlier in the evening is not evidence of murder. It is very common in my town for youth ministers to visit the youth members of the church to invite them to special events, catch up with what has been going on in school/life, et cetera. Our local youth ministers come for lunch at the junior and senior high schools just for that purpose. Rosa was visiting with Tomlinson in a public setting where everyone in the neighborhood could have seen them together. I don't see this as evidence of anything other than coincidence.

My theory is that Tomlinson happened upon something unsavory (drug-related, probably) in that wooded area and was killed to keep him quiet.

I sure hope the defense hires someone to find the real killers as it is probably more than one.

MONICA M.M.   July 22nd, 2008 4:57 pm ET


margo   July 22nd, 2008 10:04 pm ET

What a shocking verdict>totally disagree with> during the court tv transmission the lawyers were saying that the prosecution and defense were equal in arguments which sometimes leads to a not guilty so I thought maybe this could be the case--–The original charge does not bring up aggravated felonious child abuse against Rosa.. it is original first degree premediated murder. He is convicted of first degree felony murder of a child. So how can he be convicted of a felony of aggravated child abuse he never was originally charged with.. Hope he wins the appeal on this point. As to this murder case, Rosa could have been set up based on that second forensic dr's theory of 2 people being the killer and yes the keys could have been found and pushed under the body. There were too many unanswered questions in this case and the jury did not deliberate long enough to break through the murkiness of all the complex issues of this case

Norma from KY   July 23rd, 2008 11:06 am ET

Again I think the jury was wrong.
Did the police ever consider other people?
How can you end a young man"s life (so to speak) on so little
There had to be more going on than the public ever got to hear.
norma in KY

Nina   July 25th, 2008 1:55 am ET

I disagree with the verdict. How can any jury convict murder with all that reasonable doubt! Some justice system.

Carolyn from Calif   July 31st, 2008 3:48 pm ET

I watched this case from the beginning. My gut feeling is Joshua is guilty. I believe he may have had sex with with Stephen before and Stephen threatened to tell. To hide this situation, Rosa would have been humilitated beyond belief, being that he's so involved with the youth groups, how could he face his family, friends,and the groups.
DNA under the nails is so overwhelming evidence, that I can't see why other people don't believe in it. How else would it get there, wake up! Those who think he is innocent and living in LA LA Land!

Jennifer   August 5th, 2008 9:40 pm ET

The police did take DNA samples from the other kids in the park and the father. There is a lot more evidence that wasn't brought out in the trial. They just used what they needed to to convict Rosa. Rosa overpowered Stephen because he had trained in fencing, I believe. He was muscular when he was arrested. I think the jury can sleep peacefully at night. Also, if rosa is so innocent , then why stand up and say I know I looked suspicious, but not try to fight to say how innocent he is? Because he is guilty!!!

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