May 14, 2008

A gay American

Posted: 02:08 PM ET

NEW YORK - Jim McGreevey is gay. He's gay, America. He is a gay American. We know it! Now, can we just move on?

Well, I guess we can't, because now the ugly McGreevey mess is playing out in court and in public. And I think we’re stuck on the McGreeveys in large part because he is homosexual. That's right, our prurient interest in Mr. McGreevey's sex life, or more to the point, his sexuality, is what has kept his story alive.

Yes, it is true, that if a governor, McGreevey or any other governor violated his oath of office, well, that's a story. If he, say, visited a prostitute, that would be news because it's illegal. And yes, an affair with a staffer - of the same sex or not – is also a problem, since there is serious potential for sexual harassment.

But let's face it. If Mr. McGreevey had that affair with a staffer of the same sex, if he were not gay, if he were a straight American, this divorce would be going down with a lot less fanfare. Sure, the McGreevey's are public figures. So yes, they’re fair game. But let's just be straight about the reasons why we care about their case. That’s the Last Word.

–Jami Floyd, In Session anchor

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Anna Brice   May 14th, 2008 3:14 pm ET

Let's be clear about Jim McGreevey's resignation. I am getting frustrated listening to his testimony at the trial. He resigned because he was about to be "outed" for corruption and cronyism taking place in his administration. Much of this was about to be revealed and he (timely) resigned and revealed he was a Gay American to take the attention away from the other serious issues.

No one is bothered by the fact that he is gay, other than his wife was forced to stand by him with very short advanced notice of this information, from what I understand. It was improper for him to assign his boyfriend in a very high, position related to the security of New Jersey, with no experience. There were other issues that I am not qualified to talk about, but those issues all took a back seat to his Gay American announcement and he was successful in getting all that dropped out of sight in lieu of much "juicier" scandal.

Pam   May 14th, 2008 4:09 pm ET

I'm tired of hearing that we are picking on Jim McG because he is gay....poor guy...if he was female there would be other names used!

Marcy   May 14th, 2008 4:12 pm ET

The issue is not as much his sexual orientation, as it is the scale of the deception-the lengths he went to to hide it. If people could really "move on", and his sexuality was no big deal, why did he go to such great lengths to hide it-even from his own spouse and mother of his child? Maybe because it served his own selfish needs and ambitions with apparently little or no thought of the potential impact to others? He went to such great lengths, imo, because it does matter, and even McGreevy knows that.

elly egenberg   May 15th, 2008 8:41 am ET

The most distasteful aspect of the McGreevy divorce is the ex-governors duplicity. He and his current partner are well heeled. They can shower little Jackie with all the material trappings worthy of a celebrity's offspring. Not so for the soon to be ex Mrs. McGreevy. She won't be able to afford to go on vacations with her child, or even to be a stay at home mother. Her modest living standards will pale in comparison to the life style Jim can afford. Yes, he might be broke on paper, but how does his selfish desire to become an ordained member of the clergy negate his financial obligations to his ex-wife?

Gerald   May 15th, 2008 9:10 am ET

Sexual preferences aside. The man being in public office should of taken into consideration the possibility of his private life becoming food for fodder in the media's eye. The gay or straight issue here is not so much I think THE focus. A person who goes into public office should be prepared for this kind of media circus. After all its the STORY that sells papers. Person feelings are expendable these days its seems. He got caught. She's divorcing him. He's a civic figure. Media feeding frenzy ingredients waiting for full explotation. What does being fair have anything to do with it? Or so it would seem. I hope for the injured parties involved, the media does not end up trashing their lives (as others have been in the past to the point of death. Remember Princess Di?)

Michael D.   May 15th, 2008 10:09 am ET

I can't believe that CTV (TruTV) is wasting all this time covering the divorce of a gay ex-politician, when there are so many other important cases they could be airing.

A man is in court right now for murdering little girls! Another sicko is on trial for killing his girlfriend, chopping her up then cooking and eating her! He's black and she's white! Why not cover one of those trials??

Erinn   May 15th, 2008 11:07 am ET

We would be doing the same if he had a girl-friend ... It's all about the money he says he doesn't have . I would think the sex life of a gay man would be the same as the sex life of a strait man ...sometimes thet get it sometimes they don't .... Sounds normal to me.

jan henry   May 15th, 2008 2:22 pm ET

thank you, jami for stating the truth about our country's fixation on gays...give me a break....who cares?

Jane   May 15th, 2008 3:07 pm ET

What in the world does he mean by Gay "American?" Would he have said Gay " Mexican" if, in fact, he was? How about Gay "Armenian?" My point is...what difference does it make? Why not just say "I'm gay and I cheated on my wife?" Who cares whether he's "American" or not? Can't we just assume that since he was born here, he comes by it naturally? Did he actually think that by saying "American" that it would sound less disgusting, or that he should be excused for cheating? He's a "Gay American Moron" in my opinion. And his wife was/is an idiot too.

Morgan Shanks   May 19th, 2008 2:25 pm ET

He misled the state of NJ including his wife. If he was telling the truth from the beginning we wouldn't have the situation we have today...

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